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The last mentioned group was chosen to test the worthiness of smartphone video in clinicians with general understanding but no particular expertise. The ultimate diagnosis was produced based on all of the clinical information, like the video-EEG, which Dr. Tatum characterized as the platinum regular for the medical diagnosis of epilepsy. Predicated on the video-EEG, 11 from the 41 sufferers had seizures, 26 had psychogenic nonepileptic seizures , 3 had physiologic nonepileptic occasions , and 1 had both PhysNEE and PNES.Skin tumor is diagnosed after doctors have a test of suspicious-looking epidermis from an individual. The test is then delivered to a laboratory in which a pathologist talks about thin pieces of your skin under a microscope to find out if you can find any signals of tumor. If cancer is available, the pathologists assigns it a stage, which range from 1 to 5, with stage 5 being truly a cancers which has most likely pass on through the entire body.